Significance and Use of Water Level Sensors

Water Level SensorsOne of the best ways to monitor the level of water in tanks, aquariums and other bodies is with the help of a water level sensor. These level sensors can be bought from many of the online stores at affordable rates. There are different varieties of level sensors available in the markets today. But it is important to know which type of level sensor will suit your specific requirements.

In some of the level sensors, the water is replenished as soon as it is below normal. There are level sensors which beep an alert signal when the tank is empty. The following sections give a glimpse of the different types of sensors used for monitoring liquid levels and how to use them effectively.

Water Level Sensor- Types and Uses

The two different types of water level sensors include the liquid level sensors and the electronic level sensors. Both these types of sensors are based on different technologies. The installation of both these types of sensors is quite different from one another.

The electronic water level sensor: One of the most accurate level sensors includes the electronic level sensor. It is known to display precise readings when installed accurately. The electronic sensors are long lasting and durable compared to the other types of level sensors. Remote sensors are used for reading the level of liquid in the electronic level sensors. There are many online stores which supply electronic level sensors at affordable rates.

 The liquid water level sensor:  The most commonly used level sensor includes the liquid level sensors. These level sensors include float switches which is used for both domestic and industrial purposes. It is therefore also known as float sensors.  Compared to the electronic level sensor, the liquid level sensors are less accurate. Displaying false readings is one of the major drawbacks of the liquid level sensors. The accuracy of the float sensors should be checked before installing it in tanks.

Other Types of Level Sensors

PH level sensors: This variety of sensor measures the PH levels present in the water. It is available in many of the online stores at affordable price rates.

Acidity level sensors: Another type of sensor which helps to evaluate the acidity level is the acidity level sensor.

Portable level sensors: One of the most efficient sensors for measuring the level of liquid is the portable level sensors which can be used in construction sites and other useful areas.

These sensors are used in commercial centres, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and other places for measuring the level of liquid. Most of the people prefer to use these sensors because it has a number of advantages such as ensuring uninterrupted supply, colourful LED lamps, protection from dry run, preventing high and low voltage, easy maintenance and advanced float switch. It also eliminates waste and slime stored in tanks.

There are wide and varied uses of water level sensors. Since there are different types of sensors and monitors available in many of the online stores, buying one that suits your requirements will not be a difficult task.


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