What Are the Basic Uses and Features of a Gate Valve?

Gate ValveThe valve which controls the flow of any type of liquid flowing through pipes is termed as gate valve. It is used in most of the buildings and homes where there are pipes. These valves include round handles which are seen on the bulbous section of the pipes.

Functions and Uses of Gate Valve

Gate valve is one of the most popularly and widely used valves for domestic and industrial purposes. This valve is specifically used to obtain uninterrupted flow of water. Used mostly in isolated applications, this valve is greatly preferred because once the valve is in an open position; there is complete drop in the pressure which is due to the retraction of the gate into the bonnet.

According to specific designs, this valve is divided into different categories. The most commonly used valves include the flexible wedge and the solid wedge gate valve. There are different types of flexible wedge valves which utilises twin disc parts which are flexible. The parallel side valve is one of the most commonly and widely used flexible wedge valve. These valves are prominently used in stem systems as it can withstand expansion and contraction under varying climatic conditions.

This valve usually functions between open and closed functions. The pressure in the pipes drops to a minimal level when the valves are opened.  These valves are typically used as the initial valves in any plumbing section. However, the valves cannot be used to control the flow of water in a linear style. It either operates to fully open or fully close the flow.

A partially open gate valve can cause vibrations and permanent damage to pipes. The seating part of the valves can also be damaged by the fluid friction if the valves are partially opened. In these valves, the design is specifically aimed at completely blocking the flow or completely allowing the flow of water.

Gate Valve- The Different Types

The rising stem and the non rising stem gate valve are the two different types of valves commonly used in most of the places today. The rising stem valve is identified by a threaded shaft which is rotated by a handle fixed in the centre. The stem or the shaft rises when the handle is rotated. It rises when the valve is opened and descends when the valve is closed. So it is easy to identify the position of the valve by length of shaft above.

The other variety of valve includes the non rising stem valve which is used in places where there is space constraint. It is mostly used in underground pipes. Rotating the handles to the left opens the valves fully whereas rotating it to the right closes the valves completely. The stem of the valve does not rise while opening and closing the valve.

Another advantage of using these valves includes the use of a single padlock to open and close the valve whereas in the rising stem valve, two padlocks are necessary. Gate valve is available in different varieties in many of the leading online stores.


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