What Are the Various Types of Blood Pressure Monitors?

Blood Pressure MonitorsThe changing lifestyles and diet patterns of people have led to a number of ailments which include high blood pressure levels, obesity, heart attacks and diabetes. Today most of the doctors prescribe healthy lifestyles and wholesome diet to maintain the levels of blood pressure. There are several types of blood pressure monitors to check the level of pressure.

It is very important to monitor the level of pressure from time to time to ensure good health. Different varieties of monitors can be bought online at affordable price rates.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure monitors are commonly available in two different forms mainly the manual monitors and the digital monitors.

Manual monitors: The most widely and popularly used blood pressure monitor include the manual monitors which have an arm cuff that can be inflated, a stethoscope, a squeeze bulb used to inflate the arm cuff and a gauge to measure the pressure. These monitors are cheaper compared to the digital monitors but are quiet accurate. However, compared to the digital monitors, the previous readings cannot be stored in the system. The manual monitors require professional skill for usage unlike the digital monitors.

Digital monitors: The digital blood pressure monitor is also known as automatic or electronic monitor. These monitors are quiet easy to use as it includes only an arm cuff or a wrist cuff and a gauge. Compared to the wrist cuff monitors, the arm cuff monitors are more accurate. Most of the people use the digital monitors at home to check the pressure levels. But it is important to wrap the cuff around the arm accurately in order to obtain precise results.

Apart from the above mentioned two types of blood pressure monitors, there are other varieties of monitors which include the following.

Paediatric Monitors: The use of paediatric monitors is being widely accepted in most of the countries today. The increasing risk of obesity among young children tends to elevate the pressure levels in their body.

The paediatric blood pressure monitor includes a tiny cuff and a monitor where the readings are displayed.  Due to obesity, both the diastolic and the systolic pressure tend to increase among young children which prove to be unhealthy. Constant monitoring helps to control the pressure levels in the blood.

Finger monitors: One of the latest inventions among blood pressure monitor, the finger monitors is ideal for those who keep a constant vigil on the pressure levels. It includes a small cuff which is known as the finger cuff and a display monitor where readings are displayed. The finger cuff gets inflated automatically once the finger is placed on it.

Nowadays, most of the people prefer to use the digital blood pressure monitor at home as it is easy to use and convenient. Choosing the right type of monitor is important to obtain accurate results. The size of the cuff should also be appropriate so that precise readings can be obtained. Since there are different types of monitors and devices, it is important to choose equipment which can be handled easily and conveniently.


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