Top Reasons Why Rubber Flooring Is the Best

Rubber FlooringPopularly known for its superior resilience and durability, the rubber flooring is one of the most attractive flooring options available today. In the earlier days, it was widely used for commercial purposes but now it is used for residential purposes too. Available in a variety of colors and designs, this flooring option is considered an ideal choice by most of the interior decorators.

Rubber flooring is available in the form of tiles, pads, mats and sheets. The rubber pads can be laid on the existing floors whereas sheets and tiles can be permanently installed on to the floors.

Why Is Rubber Flooring Preferred?

Quite different from the other flooring options, the rubber flooring has a number of unique properties. It is specially designed to provide comfort and ease so it is widely used in gyms and fitness centres. Its springy feature makes it quite comfortable for people who stand for long hours. For this particular reason it is widely used in hospitals, health centres and laboratories. It is also used in commercial and shopping centres.

Made usually from recycled materials, the rubber flooring is considered to be environment friendly and thus is more preferred by people. Moreover, it requires less maintenance and is quite easy to clean. It seldom retains any kind of dirt or bacteria and can be cleaned easily by mopping. As it can resist bacteria, it is commonly used in hospitals and operating rooms.

The non conductive property possessed by rubber flooring makes it an ideal choice in industries which display electronic items. It is also known to be sound absorbent which is another added advantage of this particular flooring variety. It is therefore used in gymnastic centres as it seldom echoes any kind of noise.

Rubber flooring is also used in child care centres and playgrounds as it is safe. Their anti slips properties make it an ideal choice in play areas for children.

Endless Choices of Varieties

This flooring option is available in a huge variety of colors and textures. You can also find an array of different designs that suit various kinds of decors. The different designs include stud shape, round shape and diamond shape. It is also available in a number of attractive colors which include dark hues.

Tiles and rolls are the two most popular varieties of rubber flooring which is widely used in homes and commercial centres. Rubber tiles can be bought in different sizes and shapes but it should be installed in areas where moisture is comparatively less. However, it is an attractive variety of flooring which appears quite alluring.

The solid rubber rolls are yet another variety of flooring. Though not as attractive as the tiles, this type of flooring can be used on floors where there is moisture as it seldom allows seepage of water.

Mats, tiles and sheets made of rubber are not just affordable but also durable apart from many other beneficial qualities. With endless designs and colors which include tiles and mats similar to ceramic and wooden designs, this distinctive flooring option is one among millions.


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