Rubber Flooring The Ultimate Choice for Your Floors

Rubber FlooringAmong the different types of flooring options, the rubber flooring is considered one among the best due to its inherent qualities. It is basically made of rubber and is available in different formats.

Today this particular flooring is found in homes, hospitals, commercial buildings, near swimming pools, recreation centres, laboratories, health care centres, institutions and retail stores.

Important Advantages of Using Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is known to be an ideal choice for floor applications. It is highly durable and versatile. Some of the most important advantages of using this flooring option include the following:

Comfortable and springy: this flooring is comfortable to walk in and has a springy action which makes it suitable for walking and standing for long period of time. It is therefore installed in kitchens, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores and so forth as it does not cause any fatigue to the legs.

Reduces injuries and sprains: since it is soft and comfortable, it reduces the risk of leg injuries due to long standing hours. Thereby it is also known as anti-fatigue flooring.

Durable and resilient: rubber flooring is made of recycled materials and therefore it is long lasting and strong.

Requires lesser maintenance: unlike the other flooring options, this flooring requires lesser maintenance and does not retain stains or bacteria.

Used in hygienic areas: since it resists bacteria it is often used in hospitals and operation theatres which requires clean surfaces to avoid the risk of disease transmissions.

Non conducive: rubber flooring is non- conducive and it can be installed in places where electronic items are stored.

Sound absorbent: most of the people prefer to install this flooring as it absorbs sound more than other flooring options. This is one reason why it is used in gyms and fitness centres.

Resistant to stains: this flooring is resistant to chemical spills and burns. It is also resistant to stains and appears clean throughout.

Different Interesting Varieties

Rubber flooring is available in different varieties and some of them are the following:

Solid rolls: this variety is quite difficult to install but is durable and is available in different shades and designs. Though it is not as striking as tiles, it prevents seepage of moisture far better than the tiles flooring made of rubber.

Tiles: the most popular flooring option is the tiles rubber flooring as it is quite easy to install and appears more attractive. It should be however installed in areas where there is less moisture as moisture can seep in easily through these tiles.

Different surfaces: available in a variety of textures and surfaces, the rubber flooring is available in round stud shapes with small round bumps, diamond shaped grips and so forth. The round stud shaped flooring can be used in areas which are prone to water and moisture like swimming pools, showers, bathrooms and so forth.

Rubber floor mats are also used in homes and offices where foot traffic is high. Since this flooring option is available in a variety of colors and designs, it is used in kitchens, bathrooms, work areas, playrooms, bedrooms, offices and many more.


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