Advantages of Oil Heater over Traditional Heating Options

Oil HeaterAs the winter is fast approaching, house owners mull over various heating options for their homes. The exorbitant power bills coupled with the economic downturn has forced many to keep a strict check on each penny that they spend.  Oil heaters are economical heating options to keep the winter blues at bay.

Unlike electric heaters that radiate heat and a fan to blow the heat in a directed area, oil heaters heat up rooms with the oil stored inside of a sealed compartment. The heat is produced by convection and the warm air floats up without any type of fan. The timer device will help you set the unit 30 minutes before you get out of bed so that it does not operate when not in use.

As the heat rises from the unit, it is distributed in the area surrounding the radiator. Although oil heaters are not potent like a forced air furnace in heating up areas, a 12 x 18 foot room can be heated up by over 10 degrees by using this heater.

This time tested technology is simple and effective. It has a   radiator filled with specially made oil that conducts heat and a heating element that heats the oil to the desired temperature. The system works by having the unit heat the oil to a preset temperature chosen by the user. Once the heat is produced, it is radiated into the desired space. There are many safety features like overheating shutoff sensors and anti-tipping detectors to make these units absolutely safe. Oil heaters are maintenance free as well.

While using an oil heater, make sure that all the doors and windows are tightly closed to hasten up the heating process. An oil heater typically takes up to one hour to reach its best heat and the same amount of time to cool down.

An oil heater is portable and energy efficient compared to electric heaters or a propane heater that overheats the room, causing wastage of fuel. Oil heater is economical than many other traditional heating methods. In case you are looking for a handy and dependable heat source to keep your home warm and cozy during winter, an oil heater will be a perfect option.  The best part is that oil heater will not make your skin dry as other heating units that blow dry air.

Oil heater is the best choice to heat up small areas like bathrooms and smaller living areas, where centralized room heating does not work the way that people want. With the oil heater in place, one can adjust the heating effects to the desired levels and ensure uniform heating. These are safe and easy to operate and are readily available, making it a popular heating option. Pick one up at the local building supply store or on the Internet and enjoy a cozy winter this season.

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