Uses and Features of Gate Valve

Gate ValveGate valve is the valve which controls the flow of any type of liquid flowing through pipes.  Probably one of the most common gadgets used in domestic and industrial purposes, gate valves ensure steady and uninterrupted flow of water and industrial solutions. Used in individual applications it has a simple operating mechanism. Once it is in the open position the pressure drops due to the retraction of the gate into the bonnet causing the water to flow through it.

Gate valves are available in various types. The most common types include the flexible wedge and the solid wedge gate valve. Gate valves operate in open and closed functions only and are not suited to control the flow of water in a linear style. When the valves are opened the pressure in the pipes drops to the minimum causing the water to flow. These valves are used as the initial valves in any plumbing section.

Do not keep the gate valves partially closed as the vibrations cause due to pressure changes can damage the pipes. These valves should be either fully open or closed as they are specifically designed to completely block or open the flow of water.

There are different types of gate valves in the market including the rising stem and the non-rising stem gate valves. The rising stem valve has a threaded shaft which is driven in by a handle fixed in the center and when the handle is rotated the stem rises. In the open position it will ascend and when the valve is closed it will go down, making it very easy for the users to identify the position.

The non-rising stem valve is typically used in areas where there is space constraint like underground pipes. Rotating the handles to the left opens the valves and turning it to the right closes the valves completely.  It uses a single padlock to open and close the valve whereas in the rising stem valve, two padlocks are necessary.

Gate valves are used on low pressure water pipe lines like the hot and cold water distribution pipes and on those of the central heating system. Gate valves control the flow of water through a metal plate called gate and not through a valve as in the case of stop valves. Gate valves can be installed in either way unlike stop-valves, which have to be fitted as per the direction stamped on the valve body. Various types of gate valves are available in all the leading online shops.

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