What Important Factors Are Considered to Purchase Right Dry Cough Medication?

Dry CoughDry cough may become a frustrating situation, beyond the control of natural remedies. Medications for treating cough in the form of syrups, tablets and chest rubs can be found available at the drug stores. However, buying just any medication may lead to serious results. Buyers usually consider a number of points while choosing the best medication in this direction.

As a drug store owner, you must take the responsibility to sell safe and effective medications to the customers. You can guide them about the factors that must be essentially taken into consideration to be on the safer side. Here are some important factors that influence the selection of medication for the dry form of cough.

Age of Patient

Keep in mind the fact that dry cough medications differ from patients belonging to different age groups. The medication meant for grown up adults shouldn’t be given to the children below 10 years of age. Likewise, the medications for infants and toddlers should be different from those given to young children.

Ingredients of Medication

Another important point worth considering is the types of ingredients present in the medications. The major categories of ingredients present in these medications are nasal decongestants, cough suppressants and expectorants. The buyer must have the information about these ingredients so that they may not prove to be harmful.

Other Medical Conditions

A patient suffering from dry cough may also suffer from other medical conditions at the same time. The medication for cough must be carefully chosen so that it doesn’t interact with other drugs being taken simultaneously. Drug interactions may sometime result in adverse side-effects.

FDA Approval

One of the most important factors is to consider whether the cough medication being purchased in FDA approved or not. Many medications for cough and related problems have been banned by the organization in the past and they must not be sold to the patients.

It is better to get prescribed for dry cough medications by an expert medical practitioner. Reputed drug store owners can also make useful suggestions in this direction. Remember than the manufacturer or brand name of the medication is not that significant of the factor while buying it.


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