Ultrasonic Humidifiers – One of the Most Commonly Used Humidifier Types

Ultrasonic HumidifiersA humidifier is a device which is used to increase the level of moisture content in the air of an area, be it a room or an entire house or for that matter a designated spot.  The basic working of any type of humidifier is via releasing water droplets in air.

Basic Working

There are various techniques to release droplets of water into air and the basic operation of a humidifier utilizes parts like reservoir, a fan and a wick.


A humidifier forms an important part of the HVAC setup, which stands for heating, ventilating & air conditioning; HVAC is often dubbed as HV and AC as well.

Basic Role of Humidifiers

The role of a humidifier starts when air gets dried out, mostly during the winter season due to the operation of the heating system. In cases where the air dries up, people can have breathing problems which appear mild at the start, but can take a serious toll on one’s health.

There are various types of humidifiers as follows:

Vaporizer or Steam Humidifiers
Impeller Humidifiers
Ultrasonic Humidifier
Miscellaneous Humidifiers

With technology at hand and the amount of research and development which is going on, there are many novel types of humidifiers which are hitting the market; all of these get combined as miscellaneous humidifiers.

One of the most widely used humidifiers is the ultrasonic humidifier which uses a vibrating metal type of diaphragm submerged into water, in the process of supplying moisture to the concerned area’s air. An ultrasonic humidifier utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to create moisture, so there is very less or negligible amount of noise level associated with the working.

All humidifiers require a certain amount of energy for effective operation, but what makes ultrasonic ones special is the less amount of energy requirement; energy saving is money saving, which in turn decreases the cost of working, making the a ultrasonic humidifier set more affordable.

It is often said that an ultrasonic humidifier works efficient enough to cover the entire set up cost in less than a couple of years. In addition, these ultrasonic type humidifiers require less amounts of maintenance, which also makes it easy to use. With the humidifier getting the tag of a ‘requirement’ from the earlier label of ‘rich class’s luxury,’ there are hundreds of manufacturers who provide thousands of different types of ultrasonic versions of humidifiers.

Lastly, one also needs to control the usage of humidifiers, as excessive usage (same holds true for an ultrasonic humidifier) can lead to the growth of molds and dust mites. All in all, with the ease these devices provide, ultrasonic humidifiers which are also simply called as ultrasonics (in the context of humidifiers) are the choice of most homes.


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