Important Considerations while Purchasing Gate Valve

Gate ValveGate valve is one of the many important types of valves used in industrial applications. Valves in general are used in the systems where flow of fluids and gases has to be regulated or controlled. Available in a number of different types, gate valves work as simple stoppers in the piping systems to either completely allow or completely stop the flow of liquids.

Rising stem and non-rising gate valves are the two common types. Besides, there are wedge and parallel gate valves. Apart from the type of valve, there are many other factors that must be considered to purchase the right kind of valve. Here are some of these factors.

Material of Valve

Material is probably the most important consideration that helps in choosing the best gate valve. Various varieties of iron and steel are the most popular materials used for making these valves. Stainless steel, ductile iron, forged steel and cast iron are some of the options worth mentioning. The selection of valve material should be done on the basis of the application it is required for.

Besides, the material should have compatibility with the fluid it will control. The chemical action of the fluid must not have a damaging action on the valve. Special coatings done on the valves must also be considered to ensure high-level protection against corrosion and abrasive liquids.

API Standards

The American Petroleum Institute has set standards for gate valve manufacturing. Gate valves used in undersea applications should follow these standards to ensure safety, longevity and compliance. Before purchasing these valves, various API standards must be learnt and followed to make the best selection.

Temperature and Pressure Range

Operating temperature range in the areas of the installation of gate valves must also be taken into account. Likewise, concern must be shown to buy a valve which is capable of operating within expected pressure ranges. It is not safe to buy a valve which will not be able to withstand the fluid pressure range.

Cost may not be that important of the factor for choosing a quality gate valve. Valve dealers should obtain a huge range of gate valves from worldwide manufacturers to offer more variety to your customers.


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