What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Mirrors Available?

One of the most functional and useful furniture used in a bathroom includes the bathroom mirror. Today it is easy to find mirrors which are both purposeful and aesthetic. It can even be bought from online stores at affordable rates these days. There are various types of mirrors used in bathrooms which vary in their shapes, sizes and designs.

Today it is easy to find mirrors with light fixtures too. It is necessary to know which type of mirror suits your bath. The following sections describe some of the different types of mirrors which are commonly found in most of the markets.

Bathroom Mirror- Different Varieties

Bathroom Mirror in your rooms alter the entire appearance of your interior décor. Most people prefer decorating mirrors to redesign their homes. Today it is also easy to find mirrors which are designed with both contemporary and traditional techniques of framing. Some of the most common varieties of mirrors include the following.

Heated bathroom mirror: The fog-off mirror or the heated mirror eliminates mist or fog from the mirror which makes it easy to view. These mirrors also help to control bacteria present behind the mirrors. Today it is widely used in hotels, homes and caravans. It is easy to install and works silently in your room.

LED mirrors: Another variety of mirror includes the LED mirror which is also used in bathrooms. The LED mirrors are energy efficient as it requires less electricity. Another benefit of the LED mirror is its durability. It is known to last longer than the ordinary lights.  The LED mirrors are available in different varieties. Some of these mirrors include water resistant mirrors, demister mirrors and mirrors with remote sensors.

Wood mirror: One of the most common varieties of bathroom mirror includes the wood mirror which includes mirror with beautifully designed wooden frames.

Illuminated mirrors: One of the most popular varieties of mirrors used in homes is the illuminated mirrors. These mirrors have built-in lights which can illuminate the mirrors creating a beautiful ambience. The illuminated mirrors are among the most irresistible fixtures used in homes.

Cabinet mirrors: Among the most functional mirrors include the cabinet mirrors. These mirrors have small storage facilities which can be used to store cosmetics and medicines. This type of bathroom mirror is used in most of the homes as it is both functional and beautiful with various designs and shapes.

Wall mirrors: Bathroom mirror also includes various types of wall mirrors. It is available in different shapes and sizes. Most of these mirrors are attached to the walls.

Apart from above mentioned varieties, bathroom mirror includes versatile frameless mirrors, mirrors with oval shapes, full sized mirrors and mirrors designed with beautiful patterns.

You can also choose mirrors from different varieties of frames. Wood, chrome, metal, plastic, iron and copper framed mirrors are also available today at affordable price rates. Etched mirrors are very popular in most of the modern homes today. Most of the people prefer to have colored designs and characters embedded on their mirrors.

Nevertheless, with millions of varieties, it is necessary to choose mirrors that blend with the décor of your home.


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