The Different Shades of Hair Colours

Hair ColoursBrown hair colour is one of the most fabulous colours that suit any skin tone. Though there are many other hair colours such as jet black, red, burgundy, blond and so forth, most of the people love to change the colour of their hair in different shades of brown. People from Asia and America do have tanned hair colour which is very popular. Today there are a variety of hair colours available in many of the online stores at reasonable price rates.

Fact behind Hair Colour

Basically our hair consists of melanin which is divided into two types-pheomelanin and eumelanin. A variation in these two kinds of melanin in the hair causes different types of hair colours. Lighter hair colours are because of the lesser quantity of melanin and darker shades of hair colour is the cause of higher quantity of melanin in the body. Eumelanin renders black or brown colour shades to the hair, whereas pheomelanin renders red colour shades to the hair.

Brown Hair Colour- Different Shades

There are different hues of brown hair colour and it is necessary to choose shades which suit your skin tone. With colours ranging from dark chocolate to light and golden brown, the options are enormous and interesting. Some of the most interesting shades of hair colour that suit most of the people are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Shades of Auburn: Auburn hair colour usually suits people with golden or yellow skin tones. It is among the most beautiful hair colours that carries undertones of golden red. Today you can even alter your hair colour to shades of auburn with artificial hair colours.

Dark brown hair colour: This particular hair colour can be described as rich or midnight or coffee. This beautiful shade of hair colour should be deeply conditioned to keep it shiny to appear exquisite. Most of the celebrities have deep dark hair colours. Such hair colours appear elegant on people with warm skin tones or olive skin tones.

Golden brown hair colour: One of the most popular hair colours include the dark, light or medium hair colour with undertones of golden when exposed to the sun. Golden shades of hair colour are also popular among celebrities. You can also buy artificial shades of golden hair colour. This shade of hair colour exudes an aura of opulence.

Light brown hair colour: Another variety of hair colour includes the natural light brown hair colour which has golden or blonde undertones throughout. It looks stunningly beautiful on women with golden skin tones. Today there are many leading brands which manufacture hair colours with light and golden shades.

Most of the women and men love to experiment with the colours of their hair. Hair colours help to alter the overall appearance of a person. Today there are a variety of artificial as well as herbal hair colours which can be bought easily from online stores at affordable price rates quite easily. Besides using hair colours, most of the people even love to try out highlights of various colours including strawberry blond and honey highlights on various hair colour bases.


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