A Heartening Feeling in the Fashion Jewelry Segment

fashion jewelryFashion jewelry has touched every aspect of our lives, from garments to jewelry, from eyewear to footwear and further. One such up-to-the-minute fashion influenced accessory is the ever growing jewelry segment, often dubbed as fashion or designer jewelry. From bracelets, bangles, necklaces to rings, earrings and other dozen silhouettes, fashionable jewelry has been beautifully plated over traditional gold and silver jewelry. This accessories’ segment gets bifurcated as follows:

=> Beaded jewelry
=> Gem stone jewelry
=> Tattoo jewelry
=> Costume jewelry
=> Feng shui/astrology based jewelry

There are many other specific categorizations available but the above ones have caught the fascination of the fairer sex and even the paparazzi. Beaded necklaces are very popular and with embroidered patterns available, bead embroidery designs are quite popular. Also compatible with bracelets, earrings and rings, beads make for a good set of jewelry.

In the same league of patterns and designs, the gemstone jewelry mostly blends well with other categories like sterling silver and beads. Gemstones get a nice patronage for their usage with rings and to an extent, with necklaces. Gemstones based jewelry stretches itself from the medium range to the high end pricing. An extension of gemstone jewelry is the jewelry worn as per astrology and related fields.

Rings studded with gems (as per an individual’s sun sign) not only stand for crafted designs but also as stylish and chic. Coming to costume jewelry, many promoters term this segment as the real fashion jewelry (but most combine the above segments). Costume jewelry is worn to compliment the costume in terms of style and statement. From glass to plastic, synthetic stones and plated jewelry, costume jewelry stands for inexpensive but trendy jewelry.

A rather unconventional aspect of jewelry is the tattoo jewelry which is nothing but stick-on-body kind of designs. From light and trendy jewelry to the elegantly crafted and gemstone laden jewelry, what has principally clicked for the designer fashion jewelry sector is the variety at offer (along with the availability of attractive colorful combinations, crafted patterns and a not-so-expensive price line for most of the categories).


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