The 5 Point Advantages of CFL Bulbs

cfl bulbsThe concept of ‘Go Green’ has taken the world by storm, from the packaging sector to the bottling segment, ideally every other sector has seen a sea of alterations to soothe and help the environment. Some alterations don’t do justice to the commercial aspects but some do; one such popular segment is the successful energy saving CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) technology, well clubbed in the form of bulbs.

Though the energy saving aspect bags the maximum attention, the CFL technology bulbs have many other advantages; some of these direct or indirect advantages are explained as below:

Reduced Usage of Energy

The energy used by a normal incandescent bulb is considerably more than that of a CFL one. For a general approximate example, a 60 watt incandescent bulb puts out light in the range of a 13 watt CFL bulb. In the long run, usage of CFLs is certainly doing ‘good’ to the environment as well.

Reduced Costs

As the energy usage is lesser for a CFL bulb, it is obvious that this gets translated into money returning to your pockets. Lightings take up to 1/4th of the total electricity bills hence there is a considerable savings at the end of each year (with these CFLs). Also, one of the cons of CFLs that is initial cost has reduced considerably with many manufacturers fighting for the slots.

Long-lasting Bulbs

A normal CFL bulb will last almost 10 times longer than the earlier popular incandescent bulbs. This would not only reduce frequent bulb changing, but also your trips to the store (in the context of buying bulbs).

High Usage Capacity

Unlike areas where bulbs would be used only occasionally, the real troubled waters in the context of lighting are areas where the need is – continuous. It is here that CFL bulbs come out with flying colors.

Advantage Summers

The average incandescent bulbs produce more heat as compared to CFLs which adds to total heat of the area (house); it affects more during summers. The heat output along with other aspects of CFL bulbs makes them a better lighting solution.


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