Different Sets of Applications that Make Use of Safety Valves

A safety valve should be counted as a critical piece of equipment that ensures safety in a number of different pressure-based applications. Some industrial systems have this requirement that they should remain safe even when their preset pressure and temperature values exceed. Valves with safety mechanism are extremely helpful in achieving this target.       

In case these equipments are not used, exceeding pressure of liquids and gases may cause explosions and serious damages. These valves are designed to open up during such situations and relieve the exceeded pressure value. Beginning from the time of industrial revolution, these valves have been in use for numerous sets of applications.

Basic Applications at Homes

The use of safety valve is not limited to industrial setups only. You can find at least two important applications of these valves at homes as well. First is the use of two pressure valves in pressure cookers. The second valve is released in case the first one gets blocked to prevent any type of explosion. The second application of these valves is in the water heaters. These appliances have valves that prevent explosion in case the thermostat fails to function.

Thermal and Flow Protection in Industries

Boilers, heat exchangers and pressure vessels are some of the many industrial systems that are made to work safely with variety of safety valve designs. For thermal applications, in which excess pressure caused by thermal expansion of liquids should be controlled, small size thermal relief valves are used. On the other hand, comparatively large size flow protection valves are required in the applications win which excess of liquids and gases must be immediately released.

To be very precise, relief valves are used for the applications in which pressure built up in vessels containing liquids must be controlled. For applications involving gaseous pressure, the popular types of valves used are low pressure safety valves and vacuum pressure safety valves. The most important industrial sectors that make use of different safety valve types are food and drink manufacturing industry, cosmetic industry, petroleum refining industry, chemical manufacturing industry and many more. Standards must be followed while choosing the right type of valve.


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