Evening Dresses – A Stylish Display Worth the Occasion

It is often said that the occasion can be identified by the dresses people are wearing. With fashion, need and creativity combining well, we have a different set of dresses for different occasions, like the party dresses, beach wear, sleep wear, office wear and so on. The designer evening dresses category, especially catering to the fairer sex is in itself a segment with many brands competing to carter the huge requirement.

An evening dress is nothing but a formal dress women wear for evening and night events like galas, dinners, operas, wedding & anniversary receptions, cocktail parties etc. These elegant looking dresses are made via a lot of fabrics; some of the most popular fabrics are as follows:

  • Satin

  • Velvet

  • Silk

  • Chiffon

  • Georgette

  • Metallic lame etc.

Apart from the differentiation in terms of cloth material, these dresses also get bifurcated in terms of styles. Some common styles are:


  • Ball gowns

  • Formal suits and pants

  • Cocktail dresses

  • Leather patterned dresses

  • Special plaited dresses

The ball gowns are the long gowns which fall in length till the ankles. Very formal in nature, these evening dresses support the display of jewelry due to a provision of flattering necklines. Also, the sleeves are quite short and have overall emitted elegance since ages. On the other hand, formal suits are available via many brands and these look absolutely elegant, but their usage is limited to official functions like official parties, get-togethers etc.

Talking in terms of cocktail dresses, these are considered the in-thing, in terms of designer evening dresses. Almost on the lines of skirts (but comfortably bigger) these evening dresses come in various patterns but the floral patterns (at the end) are quite popular. If formal suits create that dignified appearance, cocktail dresses for women make them look stylish.

The plated dresses are those which fit the body curves, so these are the dresses which see a lot of experiments from designers. The leather patterned dresses are mostly on the expensive side of pricing, but at least one leather patterned evening dress (in her wardrobe) is a must for the elegant woman. From light and uncomplicated patterns to medium heavy classic ones, leathered party styles evening dresses are extremely popular.


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