Brown Hair Colors – Trendy Shades and their Other Aspects

Dreams are but colors, happiness is but colors and life as well, goes a saying made famous by a leading fashion magazine. So true!! Apart from the costumes, one important aspect where people do experiment with colors is – hair.  With hundreds of shades available, you can actually match your style and emotions with your hair color.  Every popular color, be it the stylish brown, or the ever dynamic black or the hip red actually gets classified in a variety of shades.

The person’s skin tone is an important (at times, the only consideration) factor in terms of choosing a hair color. Still, a majority of users raise their hands up for the prime color brown and its shades. Be it celebrities or Page 3 beautiful faces, brown suits a vast range of populace across continents and the length & breadth of the blue shaded world. In terms of shades, the ‘brown hair colors’ gets distributed as follows:

  • Light brown

  • Dark brown

  • Ash brown

  • Golden brown

  • Auburn brown

Most brown colors and shades have a reddish undertone which makes it look natural for most skin tones. Often called as the lighter blonde color, light brown has a slight shade of gold. Aptly suiting warm undertones, light brown color not only looks natural but extremely aesthetic as well. On the other extreme of light brown are the: dark brown hair colors. The rich coffee shaded dark brown hair color looks classic.                                          

Not many people might be aware that ash brown hair colors possess undertones of blue and green. In terms of getting an idea of how ash brown differentiates between other shades of brown, consider this – the ash brown shade is something which is not too dark not too light.

Nothing looks more stylishly cool than the auburn brown hair colors which have a stint of golden red undertone, and often gets clubbed as a light brown color. Generally suiting people with yellow complexions, the auburn hair color can go well with near-to-yellow complexions as well. Lastly, one of the most popular brown shades in the recent times is the golden brown hair color (golden undertones) which finds a patronage with many celebrities.


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