Right Job via the Right Career Consultant

The right job is the difference between a happy life and so-so life. With hundreds of domains, thousands of job portals and millions of jobs at offer, you are spoilt for options. But there is also a chance that you might end up with something that you wouldn’t like to stretch over the years. It is here that a career consultant/counselor may pitch in for a better shot with respect to your career search.                                                                 

Leaving aside the exact definitions, a career consultant helps to evaluate a person’s interests, expectations and demands and then channelizes and helps people find the most appropriate job.

Choosing a career based consultant may be a task, especially with the segment of career coaches popping up. Though almost on the same lines, a career coach is slightly different from a career counselor or consultant.

  • To start with, you need to know the difference. Career counselors follow the counseling model thereby exploring your skills, abilities and expectations almost on the lines of understanding you while career coaches follow the business model with respect to education and training.

  • Once you know how a career consultant differs from a career coach, the next step in choosing a career consultant is to follow the EEE model that is checking his education ( degree) , experience (type of experience) and expertise (feedback and related stuff).

  • Choosing a career counselor/consultant who doubles up as a career coach is also a good idea.

  • Check with friends (mostly those who are successful, career wise) and get recommendations. Multiple recommendations, more options to choose from.

  • Use the internet to get feedback or review about the career counselors (if you manage to).

  • If these folks have websites, contact them via email wherein you explain (extremely important) your situation. Check how is the response; here you get to know the approach and the working style. Always remember that some counselors may have the best recommendations and the success rate, but their working style may or may not suit you.

Lastly, choosing a career consultant nearer to your place is good, but with phone/email extending life, this may not be the principle criteria.


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