Components and Functions of bnc Connector

The BNC connectors, or the Bayonet Neil-Concelman connectors, are basically connectors which can be attached to the ends of the coaxial cables. It is mainly used for connecting signals which include video signals and radio frequency signals in many of the consumer electronics.                                                                                                             

The connectors consist of a pin which is surrounded by a tube or a metal ring. The coaxial cable is connected to the pin which is the point of transmission between the device and the cable.

Basic Functions and Components of BNC Connectors

The BNC connectors are used in computer monitors to improve the quality of videos. It can be used as an alternative to VGA connectors. The connectors are also used in DVD players, televisions and other consumer electronics that possess RCA connectors. BNC connectors are quite versatile as it can connect both digital and analog signals.

The BNC connector has various components which include the center pin, the crimp barrel and the locking collar.

Center pin: One of the most important components of these connectors is the center pin which is a metal conductor. It is also includes a wire mesh wrapping that is carefully separated by an insulation. The signal is carried by the center pin or the metal conductor. Usually the center pins are made of brass. For better and enhanced connection quality, it is also available in gold plating.

Crimp barrel: Another important component of the BNC connector is the crimp barrel which is a metal band that crimps over the body of the connector. Most of the crimp connections are known to be consistent and strong. It is usually made of copper with crimp designs.

Locking collar: Most of the people prefer to use bnc connector as it possess locking collar which can be connected and removed easily using these collars. Made of brass, these locking collars have silver or nickel plated finish.

BNC which stands for Bayonet Neill Concelman describes Bayonet as the type of physical connector. Neill and Concelman are the names of two inventors of these connectors. With a wide number of uses, these cables are quite popularly used for most of the consumer electronics.


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