Compound Microscopes an Essential and Affordable Apparatus

A compound microscope is one of the most commonly used apparatus in laboratories and schools. It is one of the most inexpensive laboratory apparatus that is found in colleges, school campus, scientific laboratories, universities, research centers and other companies. Today there are various types of compound microscopes available in many of the online and offline stores at attractive price rates. A compound microscope has two or dual lenses along with a light reflection to examine tiny objects.

All about Compound Microscope

The compound microscope was first discovered by Zacharias Janssen in the year 1590. It was later modified by Anton Van who discovered new curves in the lens. The compound microscope is considered to be one of the most fundamental and essential tools of research. Known to amplify very small objects, this microscope is a highly essential tool used in most of the research fields.

The basic compound microscope has two convex lenses attached to a tube. It has an eye piece on the top which is used to view the objects. The eye piece is attached to an observation tube which is attached to a plate that can be rotated. The compound microscope can be used as a binocular, monocular and trinocular.

Some microscopes have multiple lenses to amplify the objects. Such microscopes are used in science laboratories to view cells, bacteria and molecules. The compound microscopes are used in various fields for various purposes. Student microscopes are easily available and are quite inexpensive where as the professional compound microscopes are quite expensive.

Basic Features of Compound Microscopes

One of the most important components of a microscope includes the ocular lens which is included in the eye piece of the microscope. The ocular lens is mainly used to view and magnify the objects for close examination. The objective lens is another component found in compound microscopes. These lenses have around three to four lenses attached to the nose piece that can be rotated easily. All these lenses have different magnifying strength.

The adjustable knobs or the magnification controls are other significant parts of a compound microscope. There are two types of knobs for these microscopes. These knobs are mainly used to adjust the focus of the specimen to be examined and the height of the stage.

All microscopes require certain amount of illumination to view the specimens. The light source provides ample amount of light through the diaphragm. The light passes through the lens and the specimen to be examined. Today compound microscopes can also be customized according to individual requirements.


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