Interesting Uses of Synthetic Rubber

Rubber is one of the most common and widely used products in our day to day lives. Rubber can be basically categorized into two varieties- natural and synthetic or man-made rubber. Synthetic rubber was first discovered in the year 1910 due to the shortage of natural rubber products. Ever since the discovery of man made rubber products, people have preferred to use synthetic rubber instead of natural rubber products due to its immense popularity. Today a wide number of industries involve in the production of synthetic rubber in various forms.                                                                                   

Understanding the Uses of Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber which was known as Buna rubber was invented in the year 1935. Ever since then, synthetic rubber has found its applications in various fields. Some of the most significant uses of man-made rubber include the following:

Tyres: Man-made rubber is used to manufacture tyres of various types. Today synthetic rubber is used to manufacture tyres as it is known to be tensile and durable. It is thus considered to be one of the best options for automobile tyres.

Fuel missiles: Rubber based fuels were used for launching missiles during the Second World War. Man-made rubber can be formed into various forms so it is widely used for space travels.

Scientific and medical field: Man-made rubber is also used in the field of science and medicine. It is used for manufacturing rubber gloves, orthopedic braces and various other medical items.

Adhesive tapes and liquids: Due to its adhesive qualities, it is used to manufacture adhesive tapes and liquids.

Protective clothing: Synthetic rubber is also used to manufacture various types of protective clothes, boots, sleep sacks, diving suits and so forth.

Tubes and hoses: Man-made rubber is also used to manufacture garden hoses, gaskets, mechanical seals, belts and hoses. It is also used to manufacture inner tubes, garden hoses and laboratory tubes.

Apart from the above mentioned uses, man-made rubber can also be used to manufacture inflatable boats, diving suits, all types of protective clothing and so forth. Today there a huge variety of synthetic rubber products available in many of the online stores at affordable price rates.


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