Process of Making Glass Bottles

The glass bottles were first designed and used by the Phoenicians to store perfumes and various other kinds of liquids. Gradually the Romans learnt the art of bottle making from the Phoenicians. Basically, the glass bottles are manufactured in factories using several processes. It can also be made at home using simple procedures.

Modern industries and factories use two types of methods to manufacture bottles. The press and the blow technique and the blow process are the two different methods of manufacturing glass bottles. 

A clipping blade is used to cut a stream of molten glass to make glass cylinders. These cylinders are known as gobs. With the help of troughs, the gobs are filled into the blank moulds. In the method of blowing process, the glass is blown from beneath the blank moulds to manufacture the pre-bottle or containers. These containers are then passed on to the last mould and the glass bottle is designed with a last blow.

In the process of press and blow, the pre-containers acquire its shape from a metal plunger. It is used to push the glass into the blank mould. It is necessary to cool the glass bottles evenly and so it is annealed. The process of annealing involves reheating the glass and cooling it gradually. The stresses and the strains of the bottle can be removed through the process of annealing. The bottles may shatter if it is used without the process of annealing.

These bottles are then inspected for quality to ensure the absence of cracks and other blemishes. It is then labeled using various processes. Sticker labels are used on most of the glass bottles.

Enamel painting is baked on glass bottles used by the soda companies. The glass bottles can be reused and recycled so it is considered to be environment friendly.

Bottle caps are also manufactured to seal the bottles once it is filled. There are different types of bottle cap that are manufactured for various types of bottles. Screw caps, sports caps, crown cork and pull off bottle cap are some of the various types of glass bottle caps available these days.


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