Main Uses of Moisture Meters

Moisture meter is a device that is basically used to check the percentage of water content in the material. Substances such as wood, paper, concrete are hugely affected by the level of moisture content present in it. Moisture meters were invented to evaluate the level of moisture in these substances and are still used for the same purpose.

Uses of Moisture Meter

The moisture meter is mainly used to assess the moisture content in wood. It is known as the wood meter. Woods need to be dried before it is used for various construction purposes. Dried wood is quite different from newly cut logs. Wood is usually dried in kiln which is monitored by these meters. With the help of these meters, the wood workers are able to decide the suitability of the wood to be used for various purposes.                 

Wooden floor installers also use these meters to synchronize the humidity level of the air and the moisture content present in the wood. It is quite important to consider these facts before installing the wooden floors otherwise it can cause crowning, cracking, cupping and sunken joints. Different types of wood have different levels of moisture content so it is quite difficult to assess the moisture content without the help of a meter.

It is very important to understand the level of moisture content present in wood as it can determine if the wood is susceptible to shrinkage or warping. The shape of the wood can alter if the level of moisture content is high. Timber wood is dried in kiln so that it can be used for various purposes.

The moisture meters are also used by contractors to evaluate the moisture content present in concrete. Concrete structures tend to become weak with the presence of excess moisture. Excess moisture can also cause several other issues which can lead to weakening of the structural buildings.

These meters are used by professional wood workers and architects to obtain the right equilibrium moisture content or EMC. It is easy to find moisture meter in many of the online stores at affordable price rates. Moreover, it is easy to choose from different types of meters listed online.


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