Use of Smoke Detectors to Protect Your Family

Smoke detectors or alarms are among the most important fire safety devices which are considered essential in every home. Today, almost every home in America has smoke alarms. According to studies, death due to fire and smoke is drastically reduced to half with the presence of working smoke detector or alarms. Most of the accidental fires happen at night when people are asleep. This is one of the major reasons for death due to fire and smoke.

Purpose of Smoke Detectors

Smoke is known to be the major cause of death during the outbreak of fire. It removes the oxygen from the space and literally suffocates the person. Most people die due to smoke inhalation and lack of oxygen. The main purpose of the smoke detector is to warn and protect the family from fire.                                                                              

In multi-story houses, these detectors should be installed in every floor to ensure safety from accidental fires and smoke. These alarms should be placed inside bedrooms if you place electronic or electrical appliances such as televisions, CD players and air conditioners inside your room. However, smoke detectors should never be placed in kitchens as small fumes can set off the alarm. It should not be placed in cold areas as electronic items seldom function due to excessive cold and heat.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are basically two types of smoke alarms- the photoelectric type and the ion type. The photoelectric type of smoke detector reacts quickly to fires. It can however be placed in kitchens too as it seldom reacts to cooking fumes. The ion type of detector is quite inexpensive but effective. It reacts to open flaming fire. There are many ways to power these detectors. It is quite important to use charged batteries so that the detectors function well. Some of the smoke detectors can be operated through electrical power supply too. It can be connected directly to the electrical power line.

Both the battery operated and the electrical smoke detectors need to be tested monthly to ensure its functioning capability. It is pertinent to install these detectors in the right position in your home so that it provides adequate safety for your entire family from accidental fires and other mishaps.


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