Hair Oil to Obtain Beautiful Tresses

There are different types of hair oils available in the markets today. Both the online and offline stores are hoarded with a variety of hair care products that promise healthy, shiny and bouncy hair. Oil is one of the most essential hair care products required for healthy hair. Daily wear and tear, pollution, use of dyes and styling products tend to damage the natural shine and glow of your hair, leaving it dull and unhealthy. The human scalp produces natural hair oil called sebum to protect the hair. But due to the over exposure to varying climatic conditions and pollution, this natural oil becomes insufficient.

Types of Hair Oil

Oil is necessary to condition your hair and to keep your scalp healthy. Hair oil serves as an excellent conditioner and aids in better hair growth. There are a huge number of hair oils available today and some of the most commonly and widely used varieties include the following.                                                                                               

Almond oil: A rich source of vitamin A, the almond oil provides deep conditioning and promotes healthy growth of hair. It keeps your hair shiny, black and tangle free when massaged onto the scalp. It is used in most of the styling creams, gels and other hair products.

Coconut oil: One of the best hair conditioners, coconut oil is clinically proven to promote hair growth. It also reduces hair fall to a large extent. The oil should be heated and applied to the scalp in circular motions to achieve best results. Coconut oil helps to reduce dandruff and hair fall.

Mustard oil: One of the most popular hair oil is the mustard oil which keeps the scalp deeply conditioned. It helps to condition the hair during winters, leaving your hair smooth and shiny. Regular application of mustard oil keeps away dandruff and prevents premature graying.

Olive oil: Enriched in vitamins, this unique oil is considered to be one of the finest oils available on earth. It has a number of beneficial qualities apart from being one of the best hair conditioners. It is ideal for the skin and health.

Hair oils are available in different varieties and each variety has its own miraculous properties. Choose the best oil that suits your hair type to obtain healthy and shiny hair.


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