Ball Bearings Replacements in Motorcycles

Ball bearings are used in machines and wheels for proper lubrication. There are different types of ball bearings. One of the most common types includes the wheel bearings which are used in motorcycle wheels and skate boards. Although most of the ball bearings are durable, it is still susceptible to wear and tear. Wheel bearings need to be replaced at least once in the life span of the motorcycles.

Maintenance of Ball Bearings

Ball bearing need to be maintained efficiently so that it lasts for a long period of time. Motorcycles which are maintained properly seldom require any type of replacements for wheel bearings. The life span of these bearings depends on the pressure imposed on the wheel bearings and the nature of maintenance activities. Accumulation of rust and dirt can affect the functions of the ball bearing. Wheel bearings may also be damaged if the vehicles are washed in high pressure water.

Replacement of Ball Bearings

Ball bearing is definitely one of the most significant bicycle parts that need to be maintained to ensure smooth and hassle free rides. But wheel bearings may require replacements. With the right type of tools and operation manual, ball bearings can be replaced easily by an amateur mechanic. The following instructions will help to replace the bearings easily.

  1. Lift the motorcycle from the ground so that the wheels are six inches above the ground.
  2. Remove the axles according to the instructions in the manual. Then remove the wheels slowly.
  3. Place the wheel on a flat surface and wipe the bearing area with a cloth.
  4. Remove the old wheel bearing and spacer using a bearing puller.
  5. Once the bearing is removed, clean the inside of the hub with a cleaner.
  6. Check the size of the new bearing and install it in place using a bearing driver. Replace the spacer and install the other bearing too on the opposite side of the wheel.
  7. Fix the axles and wheels as per the instructions in the manual.

It is very important to clean the wheels and keep it lubricated often. The pressure on the wheel bearings need to be reduced to maximize the efficiency of the ball bearings. Use grease to lubricate the ball bearings so that it lasts longer.


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