Lamp Shades and Its Features

Although it may appear that there are different types of lamp shades available in the markets, there are actually two distinct types of lamp shades- the hard and the soft lamp shades. However, it is quiet easy to obtain a variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes of lamp shades these days.

Shades were basically placed on the lamps to disperse light evenly. In the earlier days, shades were mainly made of fiber or glass. With the introduction of plastic, shades were made of plastic materials. Plastic shades are available in a wide variety of colors, designs and sizes. Most of the interior decorations include beautifully designed lamp shades which are used to enhance the décor of the homes.

Lampshades of Distinct Style and Beauty

As mentioned earlier, there are mainly two types of lamp shades. The hard lamp shades are made of plastic with paper lining. The soft lamp shades are made of solid fabrics and decorative outer layers made of fabric.  

Some of the most popular varieties include the following.

Fabric shades: These are made of satin, cotton and silk. Fabric lamp shades are light in weight. These shades include solid colors, intricate patterns, modern art and so forth.

Glass shades: Different types of glass lamp shades are available in large quantities. Most of the glass shades have beautiful patterns and intricate designs on it. Glass shades are mostly used to illuminate any dark room. These shades are available at various prices depending on the style of these shades.

Wicker shades: One of the most eco-friendly shades include the wicker shades. These shades are made of plant material which can be designed into different shapes. As wicker is flexible, it can be bent easily to make different frames.

Rawhide shades: Another exotic variety of shades include the rawhide shades. Such shades are made from pure leather and it is often painted by hand. It is known to embellish the decor of any room. These lamp shades appear to be quite tough similar to the wooden lamp shades. Rawhide shades are considered to be ideal handmade gifts for any occasions.

All these varieties of lamp shades can be bought easily from online stores at affordable price rates.


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