Choosing the Right Type of Mens Suits

Different types of mens suits are quiet essential in every mans wardrobe collection. Suits exude a style statement and profound elegance. There are various types of suits that can be worn to different occasions. It is important to know and identify the different types of suits so that it can be worn to specific occasions. Suits denote professionalism and command respect. Today suits are worn to all formal and informal occasions.

Identifying the Different Types of Suits

Mens suits are available in different styles and fabrics. It varies in stitching style, cut, colors and fabrics. Some of the most popular suits worn by men include the following. These suits can be bought from exclusive stores listed in many of the online portals.

Double breasted suits: The most common and widely worn suits include the double breasted suits. These suits are perfect for formal occasions, wedding receptions and other evening functions. Different types of fabrics and colors are used for these suits.

Traditional suits: Also known as the single breasted suits, the traditional suits have two buttons and a single vent at the back of the suit.

Three buttoned suits: These suits are usually worn with pointed collar shirts, tab collar shirts and traditional collar shirts. The three buttoned shirts are also known as jackets without vents.

Vintage suits: One of the most popular varieties of men’s suits includes the vintage suits. These suits have three pieces- trousers, vest and jacket.

Designer suits: Most of the people prefer to wear designer suits these days as it is trendy, expensive and elegant. It can be custom made according to the requirements of the wearer. It is available in different colors, fabrics and styles.

Wedding suits: Mens suits also include elegant wedding suits which are stitched to perfection and elegance. Today most of the wedding suits are designed by famous designers for special occasions.

Blazers: One of the most casual types of mens suits includes the blazers which are available in different styles. Blazers are available with single vents, double vents and no vents. These casual suits are stitched in different patterns. It is usually worn to informal occasions and it can be worn with casual shirts.

As there are different suits for different occasions, wearing the right type of suit will not be a difficult task. Moreover, all types of suits are available in most of the online stores.


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