Toilet Seats and Its Features

Toilet seats have evolved since the past several years. Today different amazing varieties of toilet seats are easily available in many of the online and offline stores. There are basically two parts in a toilet seat- the seat and the top that covers the seat. Both these parts are fixed with hinges. The seats are available in different colors and materials including steel, wood, plastic and porcelain.

Different designs are also available among toilet seats.

Types of Toilet Seats

Circular seats: The round or circular seats are the traditional varieties of toilet seat. It is mostly used in homes and does not include any gaps in the front of the toilet. Although white circular toilets were common in the olden days, today different colors and patterns are largely available.

Elongated seats: Another variety includes the elongated seat. It provides more space in the front and measures around 20 inches from the front to the center. It is mostly found in commercial centers. The elongated seats are considered to be safer in terms of health. Most of the elongated seats are made of stainless steel which is widely used in commercial centers.

U shaped seats: Also known as the open front toilet seats, these seats have the shape of a U. It is used in homes and public toilets as it is safe.

Heated seats: Most of the people prefer to use heated seats as it is quiet comfortable during winters. These seats are connected to a power outlet to keep the seats warm.

Padded seats: It also include padded seats which are very comfortable as it provides extra cushion effect to the users.

Support arm seats: These seats prove to be a boon to the elderly and ailing patients as it includes arms to support ailing and elderly people.

The other types of toilet seat include seats made of wood, plastic and polypropylene. Compared to the plastic toilet seats, the polypropylene seats are sturdier and seldom soak up water. Wooden toilet seats are made from compressed wood.

These seats are also quiet comfortable. Raised toilet seats are quite popular as it proves to be beneficial to people suffering from arthritis and old age.


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