Way to Make Bottle Cap Pendants

Modern jewelry are made of different types of materials including bottle caps. It is one of the best forms of costume jewelry. It is quite easy to make these pendants at home with the necessary supplies which include bottle cap, handheld metal hole puncher, chain, jump rings, small images or photographs, glue and resin.

How to Make Bottle Cap Pendants

To make bottle cap pendants, it is necessary to choose uniformly shaped bottle caps. Punctured or deformed bottle caps are not suitable for making pendants. Wash and dry the bottle caps thoroughly.

If the bottle caps have glue seals, it is necessary to remove these seals. Use a candle to heat the caps so that the seal can be removed easily. Once the glue seal is removed, apply the image or the photograph in the cap.

The bottle caps can be flattened if necessary although pendants can be made without flattening them too. Place the cap flat down and cover it with a rubber mat. Use a hammer to even the sides of the bottle cap until it folds over.

A small hole can be made on top of the bottle cap using a hand held hole-puncher or drill. It is better to use these devices than a nail as the sides of the hole emerge more evenly with the use of hole-puncher.

Cover the bottle cap with resin covering and allow the resin to cure for some time. Keep the cap covered so that it is free from dust particles until the resin cures.

Use jump rings through the drilled hole and hang it on a chain. Wear it for costume parties and events.

Bottle cap pendants and necklaces are very popular designer jewelry used these days. Different amazing varieties of bottle cap pendants can also be bought from online stores at attractive price rates.

Caps from glass bottles can thus be recycled and used for a meaningful purpose. Different types of images can be used on these pendants. The online and offline stores are flooded with a variety of beautiful images on cap bottle pendants. Besides pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces can also be made with bottle caps.


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