DC Motor Problems and Maintenance Tips

The DC motor or the Direct Current motor is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are different types of dc motors used in various applications. There are basically two types of motors- the DC motors and the AC motors. The dc motors are the simplest type of motors used in various household appliances such as electric windows in cars, razors and so forth. Although the functions of the dc motors are quiet simple, these motors do malfunction in the course of time.

Problems of the DC Motors

Dc motors require more maintenance and care than the AC motors. It is quiet important to maintain these motors frequently to achieve maximum results. Some of the most important maintenance tips include altering the brushes; machine the commutators in place, check winding insulation with meters.

Some of the most common problems with the dc motors include its inefficiency to start immediately. There are many reasons for its incapability to start such as low voltage supply, wrong connection, excessive load, frozen bearing, ground fault and so forth.

Sparks in the brushes is another problem associated with the dc motors. Sparks may be caused due to insufficient contact and inappropriate size of the brushes. The dirt on the commutators can also cause relevant problems in the dc motors.

Maintenance Tips

It is quiet important to check the size of the brush. If the size of the brush is inappropriate, it can cause problems. The motor brushes should move freely while disassembling. Temperature controller controls the temperature in these motors.

It is also important to ensure that the spring tensions of all the brushes are equal. The face of the brushes should be polished and shiny which shows good contact. It is essential to replace the brushes if it is not polished enough.

The commutators should be kept clean and shiny. Use a fine sandpaper to clean the commutators. Blow away dirt or dust on the commutators using a blower. It is also important to replace the commutators if the groves are worn out.

Regular maintenance of the dc motors help to save time, money and energy. It is better to replace and correct weak brushes rather than replacing the entire motor.


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