Earth Movers and Its Functions

Earth movers are heavy machineries used for various construction purposes. It is also used in various other fields such as farming, drilling, civil engineering projects, mining, forestry, and excavation.

There are various types of earth moving equipments used in different fields for different purposes. Some of the most commonly used equipments include cranes, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, backhoes and graders.

Functions of the Various Types of Earth Movers

During construction processes various materials need to be moved from one place to another. Leveling the earth, pushing the materials, digging the earth, scooping materials, removing materials from the earth and so forth are the various tasks that need to be performed during the process of construction.

Specific earth moving equipments are essential to perform these tasks successfully. The functions of the some of the most important earth moving equipments are mentioned below.

Excavators: These earth moving equipments are mainly used to excavate materials including rocks, timber, earth and trash. Most of the excavators are also equipped with a bulldozer which can be used for better digging purpose. The arm of the excavator is operated with the help of hydraulic pistons. The arm moves in various directions including left, right, up and down. The bucket can be used in different directions for digging purpose. The bucket moves vertically around the axis and brings the material which is then released to the pile.

Bulldozer: This multipurpose earth moving equipment is used for various purposes. Bulldozers are used to push rocks, trees, and other materials with its large front blade. These blades are operated hydraulically. It can be used to pull and push heavy loads quite easily.

Backhoe: The backhoe includes both an excavator and a front loader. The back of this equipment includes an excavator with a bucket and an arm and the front side of the backhoe includes a bucket which is used to scoop up the materials.

The rear side of the backhoe can be fixed with different types of buckets to dig large holes. The backhoe is considered to be one of the most versatile earth moving equipments.

Earth moving equipment also includes graders and dumper trucks. Graders are mainly used to flatten the earth after excavation or scooping process.


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