Functions and Benefits of Cold Saw

Cold saw is basically a multipurpose saw which is circular in shape. It is mainly used to crosscut metal rods, tubes, pipes and bars. It is quite different from the abrasive saws as it seldom generates heat. Both the metal and the blade remain cold after the cutting process. Two types of blades are often used in cold saws. These blades include the tungsten carbide tipped saw blade and the solid high speed steel (HSS) blade. Both these blades are resharpenable circular saw blades.

Benefits and Uses

The cold saw seldom produces any noise, dust or heat. Some of the greatest benefits of cold saw include high speed, safety and quality. The saw blades can cut through thick pipes in limited amount of time quite easily. It is mainly used to cut metals from above. The cold saws can be used to cut most of the non-ferrous and ferrous alloys.

Cold saws are more preferred than the abrasive saws as it keeps the protective coating on the metals intact. Cermet tipped blades is mostly used in these types of saws.

One of the greatest benefits of the cold saws include the lower cost incurred for cutting the metals. The blades can be sharpened for 50 times before it is replaced with a new one.

The cold saw uses a solid High Speed Steel (HSS) blade or a Tungsten carbide tipped blade for sawing purposes. It also includes a gear reduction unit and an electric motor to control the rotational speed of the blade. However, the electric motor maintains constant torque while it functions. The metal must be clamped to the sawing machine so that it remains still during the cutting process.                                                                              


The type of saw blade, number of teeth, feed rate and the cutting speed of the machine varies according to the type of metals used. It also depends on the size of the metals that need to be sawed.

With huge technological advancements in the manufacture of cold saws, there has been a subsequent increase in the usage of these sawing machines for various sawing purposes. Apart from sawing machines, punching machine is also used for production purposes.


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