Get back your cloth ready with sewing machine

Sewing is a task liked and disliked at the same time. No matter what it is an essential activity as now and then you require stitching something or the other. You can never wear worn out cloths neither can you go outside with torn clothes. Stitching is important and mandatory. People prefer using sewing machine in this regard. It is not only about using but also using in the right manner.

It is not at all difficult to use a sewing machine though it looks like. The basic manners of sewing are same no matter what model you use. To start with, you should take up a scarp fabric. This way, you get the coordination of using the sewing machine. Lot of detail matter but everything will become cup of tea as you keep using. Firstly, place the sewing machine on a table or a sewing cabinet right in front of you and sit in a chair.

Make sure that a chair is a comfortable height along with the table. Second thing that is important is needling. Sometimes, needling is also kept as a competition in places so you can imagine how peculiar job it is. Needles can only go one way which is the flat side towards the back. In case your sewing machine has a needle, check out that it is straight, safely inserted and sharp. Thirdly, you should identify the object presser foot which is usually ski-shaped part. This part holds the fabric down. There are some more processes that you should keep in mind. Some of them are:

* Do the winding and insert the bobbin then thread the sewing machine

* Now do the raising the bobbin thread

* Plug the sewing machine in and then turn it on

* Take a spare cloth, pin two pieces of the spare fabric with right sides together closer to the edge

* You can use the hand wheel at the right side of the sewing machine for moving the needle to the top of its travel. Do this before starting a seam and then again remove the fabric from the machine by the end of a seam.

* Now select a medium stitch length and straight stitch

* Place the fabric under the needle and now lower the presser foot over the fabric

* Hold the loose ends of threads and press the foot pedal

* Make use of the hand wheel in order to move the needle towards the highest position.

* Now cut the thread and learn to sew a sharp corner.


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