Facts and Important Benefits of Soda Water

Carbonated water or soda water or sparkling water is one of the most popular carbonated drinks. It was first invented by Joseph Priestly when he infused carbon dioxide into water to form a carbonated drink. It is available in different flavors including lime, raspberry, orange, cola and so forth. Soda makers are also available in many of the online store these days. These drinks are quite tasty and quench your thirst too.

There are different types of carbonated drinks available. It can be made at home too with the use of carbonated soda machines. Some of these drinks are made of plain water whereas some of it is fortified with minerals. Most of the people prefer to make soda at home as it is easy, economical, fresh and tasty.

How to Make Soda Water

It is quite easy to make carbonated drinks as there are several machines available in the online stores. There are basically two things required to make carbonated drinks which includes a seltzer bottle and a charger. A seltzer bottle appears similar to a thermos bottle. It also includes a spray mechanism. Chargers are metal containers with carbon dioxide in it. Soda chargers are also available according to the type of seltzer bottle. It is necessary to chill the water so that carbon-dioxide is easily dissolved in the water.


Some of the most important advantages of making soda water at home include the following.

One of the greatest benefits of making carbonated drinks at home is its price. Compared to the price of bottled soda, it is much more economical.

Hygiene is another important beneficial factor of these machines. It is also healthier compared to the commercial products. It is easy to add any type of fruit juice or lemon for extra taste.

Commercial products lose its fizz as soon as the bottles are opened and therefore tend to be less fresh. Home made carbonated drinks are tastier with the presence of that ‘extra fizz’.

In the process of making soda water at home, a large amount of water can be saved. Most of the bottling plants use a huge amount of water for purification processes.


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