Differences Between Aluminum Windows and uPVC Windows

Both aluminum windows and uPVC windows are used in homes, offices and other places. But these windows have unique features, advantages and disadvantages in comparison to one another. In countries like Japan, aluminum windows are used in most of the homes whereas in countries such as the U.S, uPVC windows are used largely.

Easy to install: The aluminum windows are quite easy to install as it is light in weight compared to the uPVC window frames. Aluminum window frames are ideal for homes that will be demolished after a few years as it is easy to dispose.

Weather resistant: It is also known to be weather resistant compared to the uPVC window frames. It seldom rusts or breaks. In the long run it tends to become dull due to the process of oxidization.

Long lasting: The aluminum windows are also durable in comparison to the uPVC window frames.

Tensile: The uPVC window frames are tensile in comparison to the aluminum window frames. It is quite easy to bend aluminum windows so it is considered to be less safe in many countries. uPVC window frames are tensile and rigid. It can seldom be bent.

Thermal resistance: Aluminum windows are bad insulators as it hardly provides thermal resistance. It can seldom prevent heat or cold from entering homes. uPVC windows frames provide excellent thermal resistance. Therefore, it helps to save on heating and cooling expense during climatic changes.

Disposal: One of the most significant differences between the aluminum windows and the uPVC windows is its disposal. Aluminum can be easily recycled. Countries all over the world recycle aluminum as it is a simple process. Recycled metal can be used for several purposes. But it is quite difficult to recycle uPVC as it contains Poly Vinyl Chloride which is made from petroleum. When uPVC is burnt, poisonous fumes are released into the atmosphere. uPVC can seldom be disposed as it is non-renewable. Disposal can cause serious health hazards to human and animal life.

Regardless of its advantages and disadvantages, both these window frames are used in many homes all over the world.


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