The Origin and Use of Sandwich Maker

Waffles and sandwiches are the most popular types of snacks eaten since centuries. Waffles were eaten since the 14th century but the origin of sandwiches is unknown till date. In the early days, sandwiches included two simple slices of bread held together with any type of filling. With the passage of time, sandwiches changed and different fillings were used to make this delicious snack. In the early days, sandwich makers involved two pieces of cast iron which were held together over flames to be cooked.

The Use of Waffle Sandwich Maker

In the 20th century, the electric sandwich maker came into existence. It included a cooking plate to place the sandwich and two coils of wire which were heated to cook the sandwich. The machine evolved again in 1970 and manufacturers brought forth a new product to make sandwiches. At the same time, waffle sandwich makers came into prominence. It was a combination of sandwich and waffle maker. It is easy to make sandwiches and waffles in these machines. Waffle makers are large and it is easy to make two sandwiches in it. These machines are found in most of the homes these days as people seldom choose to buy plain sandwich makers.

Sandwich makers are available in different varieties these days. It is important to check for several features before purchasing these machines. Some of the most important features include the following.

Ease of cleaning: Sandwich makers with removable grills are easy to clean than the non-detachable ones.

Timer: Most of the modern machines are equipped with timers so that there is hardly any need to monitor the sandwiches.

Size: As it is available in various sizes, which include the four sandwich grills and two sandwich grills, it is necessary to choose the required capacity. Standard grills are ideal for small families.

Settings: Different models include different heat settings which can be used to cook food as required.

Sandwich makers can also be used to grill various food items. There are different types of machines available in many of the online stores at various prices. So it is easy to choose an appropriate sandwich maker according to the requisites of the family.


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