Functions And Advantages of Bucket Elevators

Equipment used to transport bulk materials in a vertical direction in processing and manufacturing plants is known as the bucket elevator. It is found in various shapes, designs and sizes according to the type of materials that are to be transported. Some of the most common materials which are transported with the help of these elevators include grains, metallic ore, liquid substances, food materials and so forth. Today most of the industries use bucket elevator systems to elevate bulk materials required for construction purposes, food plants and many more.

Functions of Bucket Elevators:

The main function of the bucket elevator is to transport or elevate goods and materials from one place to another quickly and easily. The buckets are connected to a chain or belt which moves when the equipment starts to function. The contents of the bucket are moved from one location to another when the belt moves. The belt is either chain driven or friction driven. 

In the mining industries, these buckets are filled with ore which is moved vertically and then poured or dumped to a new location. Ore is a heavy material and therefore the bucket should be constructed with heavy materials such as metals. Metallic buckets are quite commonly used in most of the industries as it is durable and tensile, suitable for various purposes.

One of the main functions of the bucket elevator is to elevate the goods in the bucket in a vertical direction. The products in the buckets are raised or lowered and the contents are dropped to another container. The entire process of raising and lowering is done with the help of mechanical and hydraulic power.

Another function of the bucket elevator is transporting the bucket in a horizontal direction. The materials are moved or transported from one place to another with the help of these elevators.

Basic Advantages of Bucket Elevators:

The bucket elevators are used in most of the industries today for a variety of purposes. It has a huge transporting capacity with lower maintenance and better transportation facilities.

These elevators are durable with low driving power. With the help of elevators, goods and materials can be transported smoothly and easily. Materials can be lifted to a great height with the help of these elevators. In addition to reliability, the bucket elevators have a wide range of lifting capabilities.

Modern elevators use plastic buckets and rubber belts for better and efficient functioning.


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