Baby Costumes – What The Popular Themes To Choose

A major part of our personality is because of the clothes we wear, the costumes we showcase. Same holds true for kids and even babies. And it is often said that it is the baby costume segment that requires more creativity. Something apt to suit the small cute devils on every occasion. Though most baby costume ideas are themed based, the Halloween theme is so huge that it is in itself a segment.

Baby based costumes go well while taking them for parties (birthday parties are their favorite though), picnics, events (like Halloween) or simply for fun. Unlike adults, for kids the happiness is not only during the whole exercise, but prior and post, the occasion. Here are Some Good Themes For Baby Costumes.

Nature Based Themes:

Nature based themes like flowers and animals work well, and are not very difficult to prepare. Use small hats as the base of the flower. Use some colorful decorative paper to make petals and paste them. Dress the child in a small green dress to go as the stem. Baby costumes featuring animal creations like ladybugs are popular.

To make these, use red sweat suits and paste small black pieces of paper to look like bud dots. Also paste small wire based antennas on hats and make your child wear the hat with the sweat-suit. Rock-star themes are also one of the most popular fancy baby dress ideas where you can dress your toddlers in small home-made suits.

Angel Baby Costumes:

The angel baby costume is easy; just make use of a white dress and some wire and decorative paper to double up as wings to give that angel look. In terms of Halloween costumes, the home-made scarecrow theme is the easiest to make.

Use a jeans overall and paste some felt strips all over it. In addition, other Halloween costumes like Captain America, Batman costumes etc. are also popular.

Fancy Baby Costumes:

The fancy baby dress segment leads with the super heroes themes. For those who want to experiment more, celebrity baby costumes featuring Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Disney princess etc (and even other attractive costume themes) are available in the market as well.


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