Hazards with Kids Toys

Toys are meant to provide fun and entertainment to kids but not all toys are safe for all children. Most of the kids products are designed for particular ages set by the safety commission. It is important to purchase them accordingly.

Kids Toys

Common Dangers With Toys:

Small Parts: Toys with small parts which include balls, detachable parts and marbles pose hazards to children. It can pose as choking danger to small kids. Avoid buying toys with small detachable parts. Toys with small wheels, eyes, balls and so forth can break and pose as threats to young children. It is also important to inspect toys and maintain them well.

Straps: There are toys with straps which can also pose as hazards. Guitars with shoulder straps, binoculars with neck straps can pose as strangulation hazards to children. Store such toys in a safe place away from the reach of kids. It should be used only under adult supervision.

Child Toys

Toy Guns: If not used appropriately, even toy guns can cause accidents and death. Air soft guns, BB guns are often considered as toys but it is not suitable for kids under 16 years of age. Cap guns are also dangerous and should never be aimed at another person. Dart guns are another variety of kids’ products. It can be dangerous if it hits the eyes or the face.

children toys

Burns: Some of the electric toys also pose safety hazards to children if it is used inappropriately. It is quite important to follow recommendations mentioned on the packages so that safety can be ensured. Some electric toys can cause shocks and burns so it is important to use toys according to age restriction. It is also important to keep batteries away from young kids to avoid choking hazards.

child with toy

Lead: There are toys with high level of lead content in the surface paints. These toys are known to be toxic so it is important to avoid such kids’ products.

Kids Toys

Magnetic Toys: Toys with magnets are equally dangerous for children. It is advisable to avoid using kids’ products with magnets unless it is encased.

Beautiful Toys
It is important to check kids’ products from time to time and replace toys which are worn out or broken.


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