Features And Functions of Ultrasonic Cleaners

The ultrasonic cleaners are basically used to clean all types of products ranging from jewelry items to electronics and electrical products. It is also known as sonic cleaners.

Basic Features of Ultrasonic Cleaners:

Ultrasonic cleaners are metallic containers with the entire inner surface covered with ceramic transducers. With electric exposure, these transducers vary in size and expand. Sonic cleaners vary in size according to the items that are cleaned. Household products require smaller cleaners where as industrial cleaners are large in size.

Sonic cleaners are available in two different styles which include the custom batch system and the standard system. The standard system has a stainless steel container with transducers attached to the interior surfaces and the bottom of the container. Vibrations and cleaning bubbles are created by the transducer elements with the energy derived from the ultrasonic generator.

The custom batch ultrasonic cleaner is specifically designed with separate compartments. These small compartments contain transducers which are immersed in water. It is used to clean different and small sized objects.

Ultrasonic cleaners can be used to clean electrical circuit boards in addition to jewelries and other equipments. Different types of solutions are used as cleaning agents. Tap water can be used as cleaning agents for household applications.

How Sonic Cleaner Works:

These cleaners include ultrasonic generators which create electric waves with high frequency. The transducers present in the sonic cleaners transform the electric waves into sound waves. The cleaner container has cleaning liquids and these sound waves are made to travel through the liquid. This creates microscopic bubbles which contacts the objects that need to be cleaned.

Due to excessive pressure, the liquid travels through cracks, grooves and bends to clean the objects thoroughly. As it does not include any type of harmful and harsh chemicals, it can be used safely on all types of materials including jewelry items and fragile items used in laboratories.

Sonic cleaners may vary from one another as cleaners which are used to clean jewelries are different from the machines used to clean laboratory equipments. Using the same cleaners may destroy the items that need to be cleaned. Different types of cleaning solutions are available to clean various items.


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