Uses And Types of Earth Moving Equipments

Earth movers are the machines that are used for different operations on the earth. Apart from construction of buildings and roads, these machines play significant roles in many other fields. Operating them requires a lot of training and experience as they demand a lot of safety precautions.

The earth moving equipments may be simple machines, but the most popular ones are the heavy machines that work on the principles of hydraulics. Another category is that of compound earth moving machines that are designed by combing two or more machines together. Here is a discussion about the uses and most popular types and examples of these machines.

Earth surface needs to be prepared for a number of purposes like agriculture. The earth movers help in the operations like digging, excavating and leveling. In forestry, these machines are used to push or remove lumber and obtain clear land. Mining is one of the most important fields where these machines perform extremely useful tasks in accessing the minerals and precious stones.

Relocating or transporting huge boulders and debris is another task for which these machines are used. Construction of roads too calls the need of these machines for the purposes like transportation of materials, digging and leveling.

Based on the operations like digging, compressing, demolishing, scooping, drilling and transporting, there are many popular earth movers is use these days. Bulldozers are used for clearing obstructions and pushing rocks and debris. Designed to work on different terrains, these machines are extremely time-saving at construction sites.

Excavators are other popular earth moving machines that can be used to excavate on a wide range of materials like rocks, silt, soil, trash and timber. Harvesters in different sizes are used for thinning forests and to move lumber from the site. Cranes are commonly present at construction sites to lift heavy loads of construction materials as well as waste products.

Other examples include road roller for compacting soil, asphalt, gravel and other ingredients; backhoe for the purpose of digging earth; graders for smoothing earth and feller bunchers for cutting trees. These earth movers can be purchased or rented for different types of projects.


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