Most Popular Face Wash Products

After a long tiresome day, your skin needs to be cleansed to feel fresh and rejuvenated. There are different types of face washes available today. Most of these face washes are suitable for different skin types. So it is important to choose products that suit your skin type. The right type of face wash can be used to clean the skin and keep it free from all types of skin problems. It helps to clear acne and protects the skin from sun rays.

There are a number of face wash products available in India. Some of the leading Indian brands include Pears, Ponds, Himalaya, Clean and Clear, Lakme, Garnier and so forth. Most of the Indian products can be classified as herbal and cosmetic.

With the popular belief that soaps are harmful to facial skin, the demand for face washes has increased tremendously. There are huge varieties of face wash products available in the markets today. Though the international brands are quite different from the products available in India, it is also widely used and sold in the Indian markets. Some of the most popular Indian products include the following.

Ponds: One of the leading companies in the world for cosmetic products, Ponds has also a huge range of face washes suitable for different skin types. There are face wash products meant for oily skin, dry and normal skin.

Lakme: Another leading company that sells face wash includes Lakme. These face washes are also made available in different varieties.

Garnier: Garnier face wash gels are popularly used by millions of men and women. It is also made available in different varieties to suit different skin types. Garnier products are famous all over the world as it is quite effective and suits all skin types.

Himalaya: Among the oldest Indian product includes Himalaya skin products. Most of these products are based on herbal ingredients and are therefore considered to be safe on all skin types.

Aloe vera: It is one of the most commonly used products as it rejuvenates the skin and keeps it soft and supple. Apart from these face washes; there are many other cosmetic and herbal products available in online stores at different price rates.


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