Types Of Computer Hardware Parts

With the passage of time, old computers become obsolete as it becomes slow. With the use of new software applications, more speed and functional capabilities are required for efficient functioning of computers. It then becomes important to upgrade your computer with the right type of hardware components. But it is important to know which type of computer hardware will help to upgrade your system so that it gains speed and efficiency.

Motherboard: The most important hardware in your computer is the motherboard which connects all the hardware in the computer.  Motherboard includes a socket for the computer processing chip, slots for sound cards and video cards and PC memory. It is important to consider various factors before choosing to buy motherboards.

Hard Drive Ports: Motherboards differ in many aspects. It is necessary to check for additional hard drive ports in motherboards. These slots will allow you to attach an additional device to the computer.

There are various sizes of motherboards available today. Different sizes are manufactured to suit different computers. It is important to choose the most appropriate motherboard.

Expansion Slots: Another factor to consider before buying motherboard is the expansion slot. It is necessary to buy compatible expansion slots so that it is possible to use video cards.

Computer Memory: PC memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) is used by the computer to run applications. The RAM should match the memory which is already installed in the computer. There are various types of computer hardware memory that can be used in computers. So it is important to buy computer memory hardware accordingly. Some of the most common types of RAM include the DDR SDRAM, DDR2 and DDR3.

Processor: The Central Processing Unit or the CPU is a hardware that determines the performance level of the computer by functioning with other computer parts. Processors function with other hardware parts to increase the speed of the computer.

The processor generates heat while it functions so it requires a heat sink and fan to function efficiently. It is important to include this hardware for the efficiency and safety of the CPU.


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