Role Of Fly Ash In Industry

Fly ash is a by product derived from the electric combustion of coal which is generated by power plants. In these power plants, coal is first grinded into powder before it is burned. A mineral residue is obtained from the exhaust gases of the power plant which is known as fly ash. It is used for a wide variety of purposes in both agricultural and industrial fields. fly ash

Fly ash appears similar to volcanic ashes as it is white in color. It appears like glass powder and contains alumina, silica and iron. The fly ash particles are spherical in shape and blend well with any type of mixture. It is therefore widely used with concrete for various industrial purposes.

Industrial Uses Of Fly Ash:

Portland Cement Concrete: Fly ash is widely used in Portland cement concrete so as to increase the performance of the material.

Roads: It is also used for the construction of roads and banks as it includes a large number of beneficial qualities. It helps to control pollution to a large extent. The use of fly ash also saves the top layer of the soil which is otherwise used for construction purposes. With the use of this by-product, there is hardly any need to excavate soil from areas and fill up the low lying areas. Moreover, it seldom affects agricultural production as the top layer of the soil is seldom used for construction.

Tiles Manufacture: Fly ash is also used to manufacture mosaic tiles which are widely used for construction purposes.

Interlocking pavers: It is also used for the production of interlocking pavers which are made in different sizes and shapes.

Concrete Utilization: Fly ash is mainly used in concrete to increase the durability of concrete structures such as roads, bridges, buildings and so forth. It is mainly used as a fill material as it is quite tensile and increases the durability and strength of the materials.

Bricks: It is also used to make bricks as most of the fly ash products are considered to be eco-friendly. Conventional bricks require a large amount of clay which causes soil depletion. Fly ash bricks help to preserve the soil and the by-product of coal is used to manufacture the bricks.


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