Pros And Cons of Cold Saw

Cold saw is basically a metal cutting device that includes a circular rotating blade which is made of steel or iron. One of the most attractive features of these saws is that the blades remain cool even after the cutting process. The device uses double prolonged teeth to cut the metals. As the heat is transferred away from the surface, the object remains relatively cool. Most of the cold saws are portable and easy to use. Handheld cold saws are popularly used for most of the industrial and domestic purposes.

Cold saw can be used to cut various types of metals. It is powered by electricity and the blades of the saw are made of high speed steel. These types of blades are highly tensile and have the power to resist wear and tear. It can therefore be used for a number of purposes.

Cold saw blades also include tungsten carbide blades. Tungsten carbide blades are also highly tensile but these blades need to be sharpened regularly to obtain maximum benefits.

Among the most beneficial features includes the temperature of the blade and the metal during the cutting process. The heat is transferred to the chips during the process which results in lower temperature of the blade and the metal.

It is quite inexpensive compared to the other metal cutting devices. Moreover, it can be used efficiently to cut both thick and thin metallic sheets.

These saws are mainly designed to cut metals rather than wood. It is therefore used in most of the industrial and construction applications. With the passage of time, technological developments have evolved these cutting devices to a large extent. Today cold saws are designed specifically to protect the metal coatings during the cutting process. This prevents the warping of the metal sheets.

Nevertheless, it is quite important to use cold saws with care and precaution. It is also important to maintain the blades appropriately to prevent deformities. As these saws are hand-held devices which are portable, it is also necessary to clamp the materials before it is cut so as to prevent accidents. To obtain precise and flawless cuts on metals, it is necessary to clamp the metals.


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