Advantages & Disadvantages Of Laboratory Jaw Crushers

A jaw crusher is an item of significance in the industrial laboratories. Manufactured in different sizes, the laboratory jaw crushers are employed in crushing of aggregates, rocks, minerals and ores. In addition, these machines are also used to perform crushing of coal and coke and variety of other materials.

The industrial sectors like metallurgy, scientific research, electricity and others make use of these machines to prepare samples and for other applications. Hammer crushers are other similar machines used for the similar applications. If you have set up an industrial laboratory, learn about these useful machines from the following discussion. Jaw Crusher

Crushing for Different Moisture Contents:
The moisture content present in the ores, minerals and other materials to be crushed is an important factor while choosing a jaw crusher. It is important to note that these machines are useful for the materials with moisture content below 15%. For higher moisture content, you need to buy hammer crusher or other suitable machines.

Output Size:
The final products obtained after crushing with jaw crushers are even in size. It is a critical requirement for the laboratories preparing samples that the crushed material has desired evenness. Jaw crushers, as well as hammer crushers, are well-known to meet this requirement.

Input Size:
Another advantage of laboratory jaw crushers is that they can crush pieces that are up to 80 mm in size. In order to obtain the machine with desired capacity, you must know the feed size that the machine would support.

Output Efficiency:
A jaw crusher can provide the output in the range of 1-2 ton per hour. As compared to it, the output of a hammer crusher is limited to 400-500 kg. In terms of work output efficiency, the jaw crushers are indeed the winners.

Jaw crushers are known for their smooth functioning. Going further, many of the models are designed to provide easy adjustment features. Daily inspection and long-term maintenance are easy and these machines have long life. Finally, these machines are easy to operate and require little knowledge only.

A jaw crusher made of steel is extremely durable and can be found in different sizes and capacities. Look for the models from different manufacturers and suppliers at online business directories.


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