Specific Features And Uses of Pipe Fittings

Different types of pipe fittings are used in homes, commercial centers, industries and other places. Various materials are used to manufacture these fittings. Every single fitting has its own specifications and unique benefits which can be used for various purposes.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of pipe fittings. Fittings that are used to alter the direction of the pipes are known as elbows. Fittings which are used to extend or terminate a pipe are known as caps, unions, adapters, couplings, plugs and so forth. There are fittings available which can be used to change the size of the pipes such as couplings, bushings, adapters and reducers. Two or more pipes can be connected with fittings such as crosses, wyes, tees and side-inlet elbows. Pipe Fittings

Different types of materials are used to manufacture these fittings. Each material has its own advantage and disadvantages. Materials such as plastic, aluminum, copper, brass, cast iron and steel are used to manufacture pipe fittings. Copper pipes have the advantage of being resistant to corrosion. Brass and steel pipe fittings are tensile and durable. Aluminum fittings are light in weight and resistant to corrosion, so it is widely used for various purposes in homes. Plastic pipe fittings are the other common varieties of fittings used for its low cost and increased durability.

Various types of fittings have varied functions. Copper pipe fittings are mainly used to supply cold and hot water for domestic purposes. Brass materials are used to transport gas, water and slurries. Cast iron fittings are used mainly in drainage systems. Plastic fittings are widely used for various domestic and industrial purposes to carry both hot and cold water.

Before installing pipe fittings, there are various factors to be considered. It is important to use galvanized steel pipe fittings to prevent corrosion and rust. Raw steel causes rust and corrosion. Plastic pipe fittings should be tested and certified before use. Pipe fittings are available in a range of sizes to suit different requirements. Although aluminum pipe fittings are used in homes these days, plastic pipe fittings are also considered ideal for various purposes.

For better connectivity, the ends of the pipe fittings are larger than the pipes. The fittings have two types of connectors. One end of the fitting might be female threaded whereas the other end is male threaded. These fittings are available in all home improvement stores and online departmental stores too.


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