Advantages And Comparison With Prelaminated Particle Boards

A particle board is a popular product among those indulged in manufacturing computer tables, workstations and TV cabinets. Flooring, partitioning, paneling and many other applications make use of these products obtained from the process of wood engineering.

Two popular varieties of the board include plain and prelaminated particle boards. While both varieties are obtained by arranging wood particles like chips and shavings, the prelaminated boards are further laminated on each of the two surfaces. There are many benefits of these boards that make them replace the convention plywood boards. The top benefits are discussed below. Particle Board

Eco-friendly Boards:
A particle board is manufactured using the waste wood particles. It does not involve cutting down of trees; in fact the process helps in recycling the waste material. This benefit makes particle boards green and eco friendly solutions.

Impressive Finish:
The smooth and attractive finish of these boards makes them useful in a number of ways. These products can be painted in any desired manner. The uniform density of the particles in these boards makes it possible to perform other functions like turning, grooving and milling.

Plain particle board can be molded into different shapes and that too without putting in many efforts. There are different machine operations that can be performed on these boards to increase their usage in different applications. For example, profiling and countering can be done on these products to obtain desired designs.

Strong Internal Bond:
Because of the extremely uniform distribution of the particles, these boards attain strong internal bonds that make them durable and long-lasting. Going further, these boards have high load bearing capacity which makes them good choices for applications like countertops and computer tables.

Economic in Nature:
Particle boards, especially the plain particle boards, are economic solutions as they are obtained from simple wood engineering process. As a result, the manufacturers as well as the industrial users who use these boards in different applications can attract more number of customers.

Quality is an important criterion while choosing a particle board. Make sure that you view the product catalogs of different manufacturers and suppliers before choosing the best quality particle boards. To Know more about prelaminated particle boards or particle board click here.


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