Granite – The King of Kitchen Countertops

There is a methodology of thinking, seconded by men and women alike that the kitchen is a real stress buster. Some holds true to the art of cooking. Be it the neatly placed kitchenware or the granite counter tops, kitchen is a place where peace reigns, in the arms of tranquil. One of the most beautiful aspects of every kitchen is the beautiful counter top with a nice finish.

It reminds many of art, and what better a place to have art displayed than your kitchen? Kitchen based counter tops spread rhythmic magic when cleaned, as tops give out a nice and glowing finish. Kitchen countertops are known by a variety of word combinations, misused so frequently that these combinations have got the recognition of the kitchen manufacturing fraternity. Granite kitchen countertops

Durability is in fact a combination of many mechanical properties and an important quality. Durability is important as kitchen countertops are not like TV remote batteries which you got to refill every 6 months, or whatever timeframe is applicable. One done, kitchen countertops should stay for a long time.

Availability of Colors:

Every shade is a different reflection of beauty of the original asset. Who doesn’t want equipment or material in every color? Everyone!! And when it is your kitchen, multiple colors, is like lottery. From green to gray, from pale colors to black, granite has ruled the market of kitchen countertops since some time now.


Granite kitchen countertops can be as variedly spelled as simply counter tops or kitchen tops and even granite kitchen countertops, considering the popularity of granite in the manufacturing of kitchen countertops.

There are many materials which can be used as a single entity to manufacture kitchen tops. Granite and its various versions in terms of composition to color combinations are some of the most popular materials used in the making of kitchen counter tops.


There goes a famous saying – kitchen is a chaos which manages to deliver pleasant rewards. Talking in the same breath, when people talk of wear & tear and rough handling in kitchen, they are most probably talking about the things which happen over a kitchen countertop. Hence, strength is one of the most important properties which make granite kitchen countertops special.

High Durability:

Whatever be the discussion, nothing can woo a customer than plain affordability. With neck to neck competition and hundreds of manufacturers providing thousands of designs in kitchen countertops, affordability is something which comes with the basic granite kitchen countertops at least.

Lastly, granite being resistant to aspects like stain, scratch and heat to some extent also helps its cause. All in all, granite kitchen countertops combine art, functionality and durability like none.


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